What’s in a name?

What’s in your name? Is it where you came from or who you are? When someone says your name, what comes to their mind? Are you recognized from something you’ve done or who you are?

After having a long discussion with Sarah last week, I realized that there’s a lot more in a name than we often give credit for. I can say that this photograph is so “David Talley” or very “Brooke Shaden”. However, neither is actually David or Brooke, it’s just their style. Their name represents the style.

When someone says that something is like your name, what do they say? What is synonymous with your name?

When we look at names, we can see what we attach to them. Is this person trustworthy? Someone I look to for advice? Am I loyal to this person?

We can separate from that and build goals, so in the future we can fill them. I want to be seen as more artistic, so I will integrate more art into my life. I want to be more creative with my vlogs, so I’m going to make more vlogs. I’m going to take more action to achieve some of my goals.

Adding perspective helps motivate us towards our goals. It can show us where we fall short and where we exceed.

The tough part of all of this is detaching from the perspective as well. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. You shouldn’t live to please others. However, taking a step out to look at yourself can help you reorient yourself to better achieve your goals.



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