The End of Vlog Daily

Lately in my life I’ve chosen to have many aspirations and projects that bring me great satisfaction. Creating is a huge part of my life and expression will always be at the forefront of it. However, I’ve stretched myself too thin and the work versus satisfaction scale is unevenly spread.

For the last 122 days, I’ve sat down on my computer every night and wrote at least 100 words for this blog. Today is the 1/3 mark of the 365 day project. It’s immensely satisfying but it also takes up a lot of my time and thought. Adding in vlogging daily has been stressful because it requires more time to edit and upload. Officially I’m only 7/14 days into the vlog project but I’m choosing to dismiss the project. I don’t have the time or energy in the day to be vlogging every single night right now. In the future, maybe it will be possible, but not right now.

There’s a huge debate on quantity versus quality. Should you produce more content or better content? When I start a project like the 365 project, I’m almost always sided on quantity. Producing work is very important for learning skills. By completing a huge project like this, you also have a huge body to work from in the future.

On the other side, blogging daily has significantly reduced the quality of my thoughts in each posting. Some of the best things I’ve written have been thought out over at least 5 hours. I can barely put 20 minutes in if I’m writing daily and I feel like this brings my work down.

It’s a difficult debate because I love seeing huge portfolios or YouTube channels and being able to go through them endlessly. But I also have a great appreciation for the artist who creates a few good paintings.

For now I’m going to reduce the workload of vlogging and start producing a video weekly. This will give me time to think through my ideas. Which, in turn, will increase the quality of each video. Maybe I’ll shift it to biweekly later.

Right now though – I have a bookshelf full of books that are collecting dust. I need to tear into them and ingest some media.

Before you go, which do you think is better; quantity or quality?


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