Walmart Furniture Failure

People don’t go to Walmart to buy quality furniture, they go there because they’re cheap. Today I bought a bookcase from there in hopes it would store all of my books without falling apart. Well, after buying Ikea furniture after a year, I’m not used to assembling furniture without supplied tools.

Nail clippers, belts, coins, and electrical plugs do not work for screws nor do boxes of book work for hammering. After a solid hour and a half of assembly – I have to say I got my $18 worth! All of my books are out of my bags and displayed finely.

In the video for today, Alexis joins us and helps express how horrible construction is without the proper tools. Tomorrow marks half way through this project – maybe I’ll continue with it! Video making is a lot of fun!

I filmed a lot at Folly Beach but I didn’t have time to edit it today. I’ll post pictures and more later! Have a wonderful night everyone and, as always, I’ll post the video on here tomorrow!


120/365 blog

6/14 vlog


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