Let’s go to Charleston!

Public speaking is not a strong suit of mine and any time I speak, a chain of “uhm”s is certain to follow. Awkwardness is exaggerated when you place a camera in front of me. Then push me out onto the streets to film and you’ve got today’s video. Straight from downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Earlier this week my dad and sister drove my car down across the US. When they arrived today, we ran downtown and explored as much as we could. Market Street, King Street, restaurants, cafes, and briefly to the College of Charleston. Anyways, go watch the video. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s finished uploading.

If you’ve never modeled in public for photos or video taped yourself walking down a crowded street, go do it. By getting yourself exposed to other people’s looks teaches you a lot about yourself. It teaches you to be aware when you’re nervous, shy, everything.

Eventually after holding my camera for long enough today, I got over how other people were reacting. It was as if I had broken through and it no longer mattered what other people thought of me. The attention I was getting was boosting my confidence because I knew I was introducing other people to something new.

It had some sort of a shock value – it made people come into the moment and acknowledge that something different was going on. “Hey, that weirdo is walking down the street talking to a camera”. Maybe it didn’t have an effect or anything, but I feel like I mixed some stuff up today.

So far, vlogging has been a pain and a lot of fun! I’m excited to continue to work on it for the next week and a few days!

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