Just keep vlogging, just keep vlogging…

What do we do?
We just keep vlogging.

EveryoneWanders.com is offically a thing now! I just renewed TheAnatomyofaDreamer.com and decided to spontaneously purchase this domain as well! Eventually I’ll move towards WordPress.ORG, but for now I don’t feel like hosting myself.

Exciting things are coming up this weekend! I’m going to try to awkwardly embarrass my sister and dad by walking the streets of downtown Charleston while talking to you guys on YouTube! Don’t worry, there’ll probably be food and busy streets. If you’ve never been here, maybe you’ll want to come after you see what it’s like!

In other new, my trial of Photoshop CS2 expires next week and I’ll have to make the decision if I want to purchase a Creative Cloud subscription or not. It’ll be amazing to have the actual Premier Pro, rather than Premier Elements. I cannot even fathom what Photoshop CS6 would be like to use. If you have any experience with Adobe’s CC, what are your experiences? Do you think it’s worth it to have the subscription?

Well, I have to get to bed for another long day tomorrow! I’ll write you all again tomorrow!

P.S. I think my official title should become Blogger/Vlogger/Photog-r. It feels like it fits.

116/365 Blogging

2/14 Vlogging

0/0 Photogging


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