Vloggity vlog vlog

As I type this, YouTube tells me that my video is 95% uploaded! Yay! That means that if you’re up reading this, you’ll get to see this on the actual day it was filmed! Look, I’m already slowly improving! Also I added a thumbnail!

In today’s vloggity vlog I rambled about what a 365 project is, where it comes from, and the projects that I’ve taken on. Today is day 1/14 for vlogging and day 115/365 for blogging – but they’re going hand in hand for these two weeks. After those two weeks I’ll decide if I want to do both, just one, or a mix.

The thing with blogging vs. vlogging vs. photogging is that you can see yourself in motion. Perhaps it would be better to say “alive”. I think all three mediums are like a triangle, with a point going towards blogging, one towards photogging, and another to vlogging. They’re all different but they’re all the same.

Taking a self-portrait teaches you about the space you fill in the universe. It teaches you that you actually exist. That you hold some place in the frame. It gives you self-concept and a way to start looking at yourself.

Blogging shows you how you communicate with the world. It shows you how you almost physically¬†communicate. Suddenly you can see all of your flaws and where things go wrong. While there still is self-concept here, it’s different than photography. Writing more conceptually represents you, at least less tangibly than a photograph.

Vlogging is the third beast because it almost is a combination of the two previous. It’s different but it shows you both how you communicate and how you take up space. It allows you to hear your mannerisms and to see what other people see when they look at you. It’s really a way to step back.

My struggle with vlogging isn’t necessarily about the vlogging part. It’s the combination of my awkward communication skills and my awkward physical presence. Seeing a video of myself is almost like looking at a stranger and determining what I think about them. I don’t always think about what I’m going to say or how I communicate it through my body language. I only understand the exaggerations.

Vlogging forces me to confront my own mental image of myself and to determine how I want to be. I want to be energetic, and I thought I was until I saw a video of myself. It’s similar to if you record your voice for the first time, you may of thought it was much higher or deeper than it actually is.

The reason I need to vlog is because I need to confront this mental image of myself. The image I had of myself was much different than how I actually am. By seeing a different perspective, I can cultivate more characteristics that I want to express out into the world. I can learn how to be motivating and express positivity.

Before I wrap it up tonight, I took a survey of character strength (I’ll write more about this later and reference the site). Basically it measures what it thinks your top 5 character traits are, then scales all 24. My top five went in this order;
-Love of Learning
-Social Intelligence
-Creativity, Ingenuity, and originality
-Zest, enthusiasm, and energy
-Appreciation of beauty and excellence

By looking at those, I see that internally who I am. I think that these all fit me perfectly, what do you think? I’ll try to summarize all of these characteristics into one sentence;

I will learn how to vlog because I want to become part of the YouTube community to cultivate the creativity and enthusiasm within myself and because I have a great appreciation for the artists already creating.

115/365 blogs

1/14 vlogs


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