Another day of making a video! Jeez! Who knew that making them could be so difficult! After spending the last eight years doing self-portraits, you would think that talking to a camera would be a natural progression! Well, let me tell you, it’s not. It’s still incredibly awkward repeating the same things over and over again to get out.

Things you think of in your head may not sound right or you may butcher everything you try to say. Making videos is difficult. All of a sudden you are subjected to your mannerisms, your facial gestures, everything.

Self-portrait photography cracks open the shell of looking at yourself because you constantly have to deal with shooting something in your head differently than how it actually turns out. Video making is the same way. You have something in your head and you have to translate it out into the world.

For the next two weeks I want to produce a video everyday! I know that it’s possible if I put my head towards it! The thing is that I want it to be more thought out than this blog. This is more like a “daily ramblings” blog than anything else. I want my videos to be quirky, upbeat, funny, and energetic.

Right now, none of those words are a great description for my videos. But that’s okay. My first photos started like this;



and turned into this over the years;




Hopefully it won’t take as long to learn how to edit video as it did to take photographs! Maybe they’re not the same thing. Who knows. Let’s see where this takes me!


P.S. Yes there is another video, and yes it is currently uploading. I’ll post it tomorrow for you all on here! šŸ™‚


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