YouTube Sundays

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m not sure how many people put the words “happy” and “Sunday” next to each other but I hope yours is going great! Mine was filled with running, writing an upcoming interview, and meeting new crazy awesome people. In fact, I even made you guys a YouTube video! The internet is slow here, so it’ll be up by tomorrow hopefully!

If you’re not up to date with the YouTube community, right now Playlist Live is going on! Basically it’s where YouTubers from around the world get together and do what YouTubers do! It’s fresh because your favorite people sometimes meet your other favorite people and make videos together. I’m excited about RussMarine‘s videos and Davey Wavey. Check out both their channels if you’re interested!

This week I want to make an addition to my 365 challenge; now I want to make a new YouTube video by 5PM EST every Sunday! Basically I want to get out of my awkward inability to talk to a camera. Also, hey, the YouTube community is beautiful! Why not join in on the fun?

Well, it’s past my bedtime and I made a video for you all. So I’ll cut this short with a goodnat! I’ll edit this post and show you that video tomorrow! đŸ˜€



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