Building it back up

It’s taken years to realize it but as much as I love art, I’ve discovered that I love passion even more. The way a person talks about what they love is the deepest you can see into a person. When they talk about something like this, they operate at a different level. They’re unphased and fearless. It’s like you’ve ignited a candle and no matter what it will burn inside of them.

The Anatomy of a Dreamer was a blog that I started towards the end of my gap-year last year. There was a point, towards the end of my gap-year, where passion just started flowing. I became involved and present in everything I did. TAOAD was a source of joy for me because I could get into that flow of passion. All the artists that were part of it inspired me endlessly and I felt whole.

Starting last June, I became incredibly busy moving around the country for work and for school. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time for the project and it halted. Now that I’ve finally settled back down and I’ll be living here for hopefully a couple more years, I’ll be able to reboot it.

There’s already submissions in the email and interviews underway. It all just feels like clockwork and it’s ticking back up again. I know I write about passion and my other blogs often, but it is because I am truly passionate about all of these subjects.

As the weeks progress and the ball really starts rolling, I’ll try to keep you all informed with what is going on with the other blogs. Right now I’m working on way-passed-due interview with Madalena Tavares! I hope you’ll join me in following whatever it is you are passionate about. Find it and flow with it! Passion is the deepest thing we have in life, don’t waste your time here on earth away from it. Go do.



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