Exploring Charleston for the first time!

Days like today make me feel truly alive. One of my old friends Kate has been living out in Charleston for a couple years now and decided to take me out to explore downtown. Everything about the city is so invigorating. The smell of the ocean, the tourists everywhere that flood the streets, the older style of architecture and brickwork – everything is so full of energy.

The streets are filled with art galleries and the community that supports them. Art brings the city culture and expression, along with the cobblestone streets. There’s just something about old America that has charm and old memories tied to it.

One of my favorite things was how unique and different the windows are on some of the building. The galleries may have giant windows that expand 10 feet tall, while others maybe more rustic and decaying. Each building was unique and held it’s own value if it’s difference from all the others.

After touring the streets for a couple hours, we went to the Noisy Clam for lunch. The seafood was incredible! I tried oysters, flounder, grits, and crab cakes for the first time. All of which were amazing, and cooked perfectly! I feel like I could have stayed there all day!

The tiny shops that line market street lend it a more European charm. With fudgeries and candy stores that flood the sidewalks with an alluring perfume of sugar, it’s hard to keep on the streets.

You have to watch your wallet out here though, the city can eat it quick. I bought some fudge at $17.50/lb. and the restaurants aren’t cheap! The luxury stores that dot the street combined with all the tourism can kill your bank. If you’re looking for some nicer food, a little out of downtown you can find places like Saffron’s Bakery. They sell a lot of different baked goods and I was happy to get some cheaper sourdough bread there.

It was exciting to explore the city and I can’t wait to do it again. It’s so fresh to see someplace new and to get out with old friends. Charleston is a nice place and I’m excited to spend a few years here!


Here’s some photos from today in no particular order!

10007398_1402652263334223_1874022901_n 1601000_1402544603344989_2094096823_n 1901133_1402568696675913_272548471_n

After we explored the city, we went over to one of Kate’s friend’s houses and played an amazing board game! We cooked homemade pizza and had these amazing recess peanut butter cup stuffed cupcakes! “Everything is so perfectly damnably well.”10014546_1402621893337260_336633085_n 10003028_1402621843337265_1316159592_n 1098088_1402621823337267_1251985507_n


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