Between You and Me

How many of you have gone into a conversation with someone and realized that you aren’t part of the conversation at all? You’ve been duped into someone else’s monologue and you are the lucky audience. As the conversation continues, your attention starts to focus on how many “my”s and “I”s the other person is saying. Suddenly you become self-aware of how often you are saying those same words.

In those moments, you can see the deepest into people. It’s as if their words don’t have any intrinsic value and the sum of the words is greater than the content of the words. They are so caught up in what they are contributing that they’ve neglected to notice that you aren’t adding to the conversation.

There must be balance between the two people. In my personal conversations, it’s about you and I. What do I bring to the table and what do you bring? Do your experiences add on top of mine to make them better? Have you done something that I would like to do? Do you know things that I don’t know?

Where has that genuine curiosity gone from modern conversation? It seems like the more people I meet, the more they want to talk about themselves. Perhaps the media has given people the ability to get exactly the information they want and they no longer care what other people have to contribute. Maybe it’s just me? In the comments below, tell me if you experience the same thing!


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