Variety is the spice of life [short]

We need variety in our lives to expand our horizons. By grabbing the basket of mixed fruits we can enjoy both the delicious foods and the random sour ones. So to add to the sour side, today I met a guy with a crazy background. He had traveled the world, spoke different languages, and had a lot of random skills. The circumstances that we met under were random and will not happen again but it the whole meeting was so outlandish and crazy that I couldn’t help but laugh later. He may as well told me that he had skied down the pyramids with how crazy his stories were. Perhaps they were real, I’ll never know. But I definitely have to say today was a crazy day! He was sour because he was so different from everyone else, not in a bad way, just a different way. It’s good to have this variety in life because it can make you look at yourself and your own experiences. I wish it wasn’t so late so I could go more in depth but I’ll write to you more tomorrow!



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