Why Are We So Passive?

Without achievement and pursuit of fulfillment, people fill their life with unnecessary static. The boredom that we have in our lives is a product of this static. This means when we aren’t pursuing our goals, we tend to get bored. That boredom can consume months and even years of a person’s life.

For the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time doing unnecessary things. For example, I’ve gone to the store just to walk around. Looking for something to buy to get a sense of accomplishment. In this case, to have something. Today I went to Target and wandered around trying to find something.

The important part of this is that I don’t need anything. The things that I usually buy I already have. I have unlimited access to music through Google Play, I have more unread books than I’ll be able to read this year, and I have more v-neck t-shirts than probably any one of my friends.

So what is it that I’m trying to find when I go to the store?

What I’ve come to realize is that I’m seeking achievement of my goals or to feel the sense of accomplishment that I would get from reaching a goal. I want to feel the same success that I would feel if I achieved my goals.

The books I buy seem to focus on all the things I want to learn but don’t spend time learning. I want to learn Danish but it seems like I never make time for it. The spending of money almost seems like a way to feel successful; having more things is often equated with it.

When I was trying to find something at the store I ran across an issue of Time magazine titled “Airport Confidential”. What caught my eyes is that on the top of this issue they had put “Dalai Lama”.

I skimmed through the magazine til I saw the beautiful monk’s smile and read what he had to say. The interviewer asked simple questions regarding current topics; marijuana, Facebook, and global issues. Unfortunately the article was only one page.

The monk’s words were simple and straight-forward; none of it was shocking or complex. After reading it I was reminded of how much I admire the Dalai Lama and how much filler I was putting in my life. How much time was I spending to do unnecessary things? Why wasn’t I doing the things that I wanted to do?

Sometimes we fill our lives with these things that we don’t care about. We have an unexplained hunger and we just open the fridge hoping that whatever we’re hungry for will emerge. However, more-often-than-not, we tend to find ourselves more hungry and no closer to filling it.

Take some time to sit down and think about what it is that you really want. Are there things you’re doing in your life that seem to be going in the opposite direction? Sometimes we fill years of our lives avoiding doing what is necessary to achieve our goals. We watch marathons on Netflix or driving around late at night to avoid what we must do.

If you take a few moments from the day, you can realize what it is you are filling your life with. Instead of being passive towards your dreams you start to move in the right direction. Cut out what is unnecessary and work towards your passions!

Lately in my life I’ve become more adventurous because I want to experience more. I feel some sort of dullness in my life and it’s almost compulsive to try and live with more excitement. I’ve been going new places, trying new foods (Sushi today with my cousin!), meeting new people! I’ve seen how passive so much of my life has been lately, so I’m starting to live it now.



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