The End of my Writer’s Block

Lately I’ve had a lot of opportunity to catch up on some books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while. One of the books that’s appealed to me (and, unfortunately, has been on my tablet way too long) is “Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. It’s a book about a man and his son taking a motorcycle road trip across the country and the father’s quandaries into life. It was written in the mid-1970s, before all the digital takeover, and questions a lot things that we take for granted in our lives.

The book was hard to get into at first because it was written from a perspective that is very different from mine. In fact, it heavily resembles my father’s writing style. In Myers-Briggs jargon, the book would be written from an ISTJ perspective. It’s incredibly sensory and the details tend to focus on what’s going on around him, like a journal, rather than cutting straight to the point. It’s not bad, it’s just a non-conventionally slower book. You have to really dive into it and take in all the details rather than rush through.

The reason I wanted to write about it tonight is because there’s been this static in the background of my life for the last year or so. The book brought this to the front of my mind. It’s a sound that upon introduction would be noticed but can blend very easily if introduced over time. That sound for me has been, “you can’t write about something unless you are an expert in it. No one will believe you or care about what you have to share”.

It’s silly when it’s written out but this kind of took over my life. There’s a stigma is society that you must know something and be competent in it before you can say anything about it. However, this makes it nearly impossible to talk about anything. Especially if you’re a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none.

Z&AMM has opened my mind to this somewhat and made me realize that I don’t care if I’m competent before I share something. Part of exploration is the unknown, and I don’t have to explore the whole island before I start talking about it.

Buddhism is an incredibly easy topic for me because so much of it is an individual experience. It’s something that everyone can talk about because there is no right answer with it. The reason that I have so many blogs and groups is because I’ve wanted to focus a lot of attention on specific areas. Without a dedicated page I think that I’ve felt that I cannot speak about a topic.

Navel Oranges Music Blog is a perfect example of this. Part of my frustration with the blog is that there are so many music blogs out there. Why would anyone care what I have to say about it, or who am I to say anything about this band? I never took music theory and I can’t pick up a guitar and play.

That does not exclude me from the discussion though, and that was something I was mistaken about. I can write about any topic that I want to, you can write about any topic that you want to. That’s what is so beautiful about the internet. We tend to look for experts in subject and neglect everyone else, thinking that we can’t say anything or our opinion is of no value. However, that is not the case; everyone’s input is valued.

I took the Strength Finder 2.0 test online (it’s a book to find your skills) a couple months ago and my strengths were (in this order);
1. Input
2. Ideation
3. Intellect
4. Woo
5. Positivity

Basically I take this to mean that a huge part of my being is consuming media and information. The intellect is processing it and creating ideas (ideation). This teams up with woo (loving to meet new people and make new friends) and positivity to create something beautiful;

I love ingesting the world, thinking about it, generating ideas, and telling them to people to help uplift them. Lately I’ve been neglecting the sharing and generating ideas. This is the end to that block and I’m going to start focusing on expressing myself further. After all, isn’t that what the 365 project is for?


P.S. To all of my friends who use the excuse that they can’t blog because they don’t have time, I’m currently on break from a 12-hour shift at work. 😛 You can squeeze blogging in anywhere.


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