Patience [short]

It’s already two, so I’m going to write a quick post. I’ve decided that I need to focus more on patience with other people and with myself. Today I got frustrated with another guy because he decided not to do his job – which left a little more work on my part. Later he was insulting me ad hominem and I was getting aggravated. As I walked back to my dorm for the night and he was saying these things to me I just imagined a person pushing the energy down into the ground in a Qigong-like fashion. It helped a little bit but I really needed to sit to forgive myself and him. It takes patience and it’s something I clearly need to work on.

Tomorrow I also have a test! It’s also a Friday! I hope everything goes well and the weekend comes swiftly! Have a wonderful night and I’ll be back tomorrow! As I am every night! :-p


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