Death and Dying

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and reading a lot of books on happiness. It’s definitely an interesting subject because the whole topic is relative to each person. You may have a horrible event happen to you and recover in half the time that I would.

One of the most interesting subjects that I’ve been reading about lately is from His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s book “Advice on Dying”. It follows a prominent meditation from Tibet on dying. It involves imagining everything in your life dying. That means all of your friends, family, loved ones, and everyone you would ever meet.

However, the meditation isn’t filled with sadness, it’s focused on acceptance. Accepting that everything that arises must end, and that includes yourself. Understanding your own mortality in extremely important because if you understand that your time is limited, you’re less likely to waste it.

Too often we think that everything that’s going on now will last forever. We think that all of our family will remain in good health, our animals with stay with us, and our favorable job will last forever. When we become adapt to having these things but don’t understand that they aren’t permanent, we bring a great suffering on ourselves.

That is why it is important to meditate on death and dying. Accepting that everything ends is a way to avoid the suffering somewhat. It’s a way to appreciate what you already have. It’s a way to bring greater happiness on yourself.


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