Tonight there really isn’t much to be said. Yesterday I was sick and sleep deprived, today I got a lot of rest and felt better. It was a good day and I have a great appreciation for good days. This weekend is going to be a 3-day weekend and I plan on using it to relax and write. Linus’ work has really been inspiring me lately and I’m pumped to work more on “The Peace Commission“. I’m trying to think of zany ways to write about achieving peace and be funnier about it. It’ll be nice to have a project to work on that I can spend just a little time each day to build. Sometimes project consume too much time and we neglect them, hopefully this project won’t be the same! Anyways, I plan on writing another post earlier tomorrow! Have a wonderful night!



One thought on “47/365

  1. I went to check out “The Peace Commission’ and came across this and the end of the first post –

    ‘A man who is at one with himself cannot even conceive of conflict’

    Truly speaks to me, so thoughtful, Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Miss Lou

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