“The Peace Commission”, a new project

Almost 50 days ago I started this 365 project and every few days I’m reminded of how grateful I am for the ability to express myself. Yesterday wasn’t a fantastic day, and that’s alright. Some days aren’t that great.

Yesterday I also started a project that I conceived in the midst of my self-pity – an act of desperation if you will. It summarizes what I’ve wanted I’ve wanted to live as for the past six months but it remained intangible until last night. “The Peace Commission” is another blog that I’ve set up to focus on resolving conflict.

Half of yesterday felt horrible. There’s a guy in my class who is incredibly angry and lost in himself. He struggles with himself and everyone around him all the time. The entire class I’m in is fed up with him and we struggle with antagonizing his smart-alec attitude and his mannerisms.

His ability to change from pure bliss to pure hell astounds us and it’s incredibly easy to mock him about it. He’ll go into a test and be extremely overconfident, anxiously tap his feet and sigh loudly when he’s done – in an effort to make us hurry up, then he’ll fail and become angry with himself by calling himself a failure. Then he’ll become overconfident about the next test thinking that he’s going to ace it.

That cycle happens in a matter of five minutes literally.

When someone makes a remark about where their from this guy jumps in and says why where he’s from is more (dangerous, cold, populated…). Then, whenever anyone criticizes him, he throws a fit.

It’s a HUGE test on patience because I know that he is lost and yet he is so frustrating. I genuinely want him to be happy but I struggle with refraining from teasing him. Knowing that he’ll overreact makes it very easy when he pushes your buttons.

Last night I also got in an argument with an old friend about cannabis. I became frustrated with her and I realized that it was important for me to just stop talking. I came to a realization that nothing I had to say would contribute anything to the argument. Even saying goodbye would be a remark straight from the ego.

Sometimes it takes a lot to just walk away from something and let the other person feel gratification. It’s a mark against the ego because all that our mind wants is to be better than the other person. It doesn’t matter if we know what we’re saying is incorrect, we just want to feel correct. Walking away solves the problem because there is nothing left for the ego to attach to. When you leave you forget your ego and carry on living your life.

Together, both of these frustrations led me to the realization that I want to be part of a problem solving group. If I want to help make peace in the world, then I will have to actively be part of it. One way I can contribute is to write about achieving peace online. It offers a way to help solve conflicts by teaching others how to solve their own internal conflicts. When we learn to solve the mental problems that we suffer from, we can extend that out into the world and help the world achieve peace.

Much of our battles with others are just battles within ourselves that have been disguised. If we can learn to make peace with ourselves, then we can learn to make peace with others. When I don’t know how to deal with my own anxiety I spread that out into the world. I spread my suffering and cause arguments and ultimately more suffering. By taming that anxiety we can go out into the world as problem solving machines.

When you know how to solve your own mental arguments, you also learn how to solve person-to-person arguments. There’s virtually no difference between them. When someone disagrees with us we have already learned how to make peace with that difference. We don’t spread more frustration.

This could potentially solve problems from a micro to a macro level. When a civilization can solve it’s internal conflict, it can help other nations solve their internal conflict. Perhaps one day we will all learn to solve conflict through internal peace.

“The Peace Commission” is going to be a variety of articles focusing on finding peace and solving turmoil. This could be through step-by-step instructions for reducing internal anxiety, how to solve problems with other people, or through larger means. It’s end goal is to solve conflict and find peace.

The project is heavily inspired by the work of Linus & The Feel Go Factory. Linus has created some of the funniest, humbling, most beautiful photographs/paper crafts tied with step-by-step tutorials to learn how to do anything. He’s a great guy and if you have the chance, check out his artwork on his Flickr page!

Finally, before I wrap it up tonight, if you would like to check out “The Peace Commission“, click any of the hyperlinks and you’ll be lead there. If you want to follow the articles and get inspiring quotes, like “The Peace Commission” on Facebook!


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