New Sites, thoughts nouveau


Well! Here you are at my new blogging site! I felt like the old URL “EricAlbee” was too focused on my name and not the concept of the blog. So, because I want to keep that URL as well, I have moved here. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that the layout is a little different? I decided to change it because I wanted something that was more comfortable for reading on. This layout allows you to read at a larger font size as well as with more room. Less clutter = good thing! I’m working on putting the two site together so this one should function seamlessly by itself. Until then, accept the kinks. There will be a lot of them until everything has finally shifted. Oh! And do you like my new name “Everyone Wanders”? I think it’s fitting!

In the comments below, share your blog with me! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow and read! If you’re new here I’m currently doing a project where I blog daily for a whole year! Right now I am 42/365! If you want to keep up with my posts, click follow above. If you want to return to my old blog, click here!


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