Sitting with Yourself

Becoming mindful during your daily activities is a great way to increase happiness and awareness of self. By leaving thoughts behind you can open your mind to what is in front of you. Daily meditation has been teaching me this more than ever lately. It’s been a great way to become more conscious of life and those around me.

By accepting thoughts as spontaneous, we can learn that they aren’t substantial. Thoughts are merely concepts and have no physical weight. Because they are conceptual, we can realize that we don’t have to focus on them. They don’t have any power.

Thoughts are an endless loop that can go on forever. They do not have to be based on reality and they can cause happiness and unhappiness. When we let our mind wander and we focus on it, we choose to wander with it. What I mean is, when we have a stray thought, we can choose not to think about it. We can accept the thought and let it pass by.

When we cultivate no-mind, that is a mind without focus on the mind, we still have thoughts. It is impossible to have no thoughts permanently. However, we can choose to let the thoughts that we do have. Accepting each thought as a spontaneous concept, we can let go of our slavery to it.

It’s exhausting to constantly be thinking. To be focusing on every possible outcome of every situation. Watching mental movies about what you’re going to say if they person gets mad at you or if your lover decides to separate is exhausting. It’s a useless waste of energy! Imagine all of the things that you are missing while you are daydreaming.

For example, if you drive the same way to work each day, perhaps you “fade out” on your commute. Each day you miss the beauty of the day. You aren’t experiencing anything! These mental movies that you play in your head may or may not ever happen. Most of them will not happen because you think much more than you do anything else. You think more than you do.

Instead, replace those moments with focus and attention. Open your car window, stare out at the guy across the bus from you, meet someone new! Do something! We all want happiness but we spend too much time in a place where there is no happiness. Our minds want us to avoid all negative situations but they make us experience all of those negative moments in our heads. We live all the worst possible situations.

Perhaps you daydream about all the best possible situations instead? Well then you are equally disillusioned! Your life will always let you down if you experience things that are always the best possible situations. It will build an expectation of greatness that will easily be let down.

Do not confuse this with having low expectations or low self-esteem. By removing our focus on our mind we create a place of no expectation and no mind. We focus on what everyone around us is saying rather than what they could be saying in our heads. Our “enemies” are no longer foes because we do not focus on our mind. When we remove our focus from our mind, we live in the present and there is always forgiveness. Why would we hold onto something that is in our minds?

Tonight I want you to take a few breaths before you eat and make a conscious decision to actually taste the food. Take a breath in and literally think “let me taste this food”. Once you taste it, don’t label the food as good or bad, sweet or spice. Just taste it. Don’t think about everything else or how it reminds you of another situations. Just taste the food. It’s a simple task that will forever change your life. Live presently because there is no other place to live.


2/14 “Sugar Fast”

2/7 days of daily meditation


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