Focusing on Everything

Sometimes we can’t see things clearly when we’re too close. When we take a step back, we can prioritize what it is that we want to do first, then place everything else after. When I first started this project I explicitly wrote that I wanted to write exclusively on my personal blog for this 365 project. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spread my posts thin across a variety of domains. Now that I’ve become more use to blogging and it’s a regular thing, I want to focus on building my other blogs; The Anatomy of a Dreamer and Navel Oranges.

The first is a project I created a little less that a year ago in an effort to interview new artists. I wanted to spread the artists that I knew and loved to those who didn’t know them. It’s mutually beneficial because the artists can get more viewers while the viewers can see more artists. It’s like bridging a gap where people would have to advertise themselves or have to search extensively for an artist or knowledge about an artist. Unfortunately a couple months after starting I had to take a long break for work. Afterwards I never got the ball rolling again and it’s been almost 7 months since I’ve written anything in-depth on it. My goal is to write an interview with an artist or an article about an artist weekly. To be more specific, I want to release an article every Tuesday!

The second blog I started around the same time period in another attempt to share what I love. This time instead I decided to focus on music. I constantly hear other people saying that they listen to all types of genres and I would love to share what I love with them. If people are truly as open as they say, then a music blog about all genres would be easy to follow. If you didn’t like one particular genre, then wait til the next week and find another. I listen to a lot of post-rock, electro-swing, acoustic, and bubbly music. I feel like I could rant and rave about them all day, so why not create a place for it.

Unfortunately upon the creation of Navel Oranges I neglected to notice that I didn’t know why I loved the music that I did. It was just great music! Another thing that I didn’t notice was that there are a lot of websites that already focused on music. My knowledge of why music sounds the way it does is severely limited. I don’t play any instrument fluently and I have the worst rhythm. Seriously I don’t think you’ll find a person who has worse rhythm than me. It’s really that bad. Anyways, beyond excuses, I want to release an article every Friday about new music and new genres that I’m listening to. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and would like to further my knowledge about!

I would really like to emphasize that I am no music expert. That’s why if you have any interest in any sort of music, shoot me a comment in the section below and I’ll open up the floor for anyone who wants to guest blog. The blog is an open floor and I would love to hear what music everyone is listening to. It’s a community that I would like to help develop online and I would love to have more people participate.

Finally I started a Facebook page where I’ll just toss out music that I’m listening to from Navel Oranges. I can’t write about everything I’m listening too, nor would I want to. Sometimes the music is just enough and it doesn’t need further explanation. Also, Facebook is a great medium too. I find myself listening to all the music my friends post in an effort to discover new artists. If you’re in the same boat and are looking to listen to a wide variety of music, like the page “Navel Oranges Music Project” on Facebook.

I think that’s everything for tonight! What I’ve written is of course a goal and we’ll have to see how everything works out. Perhaps I’ll write more for each one or less. To summarize, a weekly post on Tuesdays for The Anatomy of a Dreamer, and a weekly post on Fridays for Navel Oranges!

Have a wonderful night everyone!




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