Samsara is the cycle of birth, life, and death in Buddhism. It represents the cycle of ignorance and of loss. To break free of this cycle we must learn of our true nature, our Buddha-hood. We must realize the purpose of our lives. We must lose are our desires, even of enlightenment. Even to be happy. To attain eternal peace we must come to the realization that everything is impermanent. Happiness, unhappiness, anger, frustration, loss. Everything.

I’m sorry I cannot find more words tonight. Today exhausted me and my mind and I just can’t. I’ll hopefully post tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.



One thought on “Samsara

  1. […] Right now I don’t want to talk to anyone. There’s a tornado inside myself and I’ve been avoiding it for the last two months. A conflict that I’ve ignored but it needs addressed. It’s two clashing opposites that are damn near evenly matched. I want this to be resolved and I keep looking for other people to solve it. To give me answers that they can’t answer for someone else. I have to make decisions right now and I can’t ask anyone for assistance from anyone. I have to sit with myself and ask the questions to myself…“ […]

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