New Years

There are many words which could be used to describe the beginning of a new year. It is, after all, a death and birth of sorts. I think of it as a reminder of our mortality and a celebration that we have lived one more year. It’s a clock ticking down and a restart switch at the same time. Perhaps it’s just paradoxical to me. There is much conversation about what all of the new years mean to different people so I don’t think I’ll contribute too much on the subject. I think I write out my goals pretty often and start them when I feel necessary. It’s still odd that I started my 365 project a month ago and here I am today! 1 / 12 complete! Anyways, I hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday. I hope you’ve become inspired to lead your life by the reigns, whether that’s by making new goals or just becoming more focused from the celebrations. Have a wonderful night and national holiday!



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