Stop trying to leave your impression on the world

Everyone is trying to imprint the world with what they think is right. However, what everyone thinks is “right” is not the same. We have these radically different views that cannot fully coincide with each other. So we try to overpower one another, and say that we are more correct than them.

We try to impress our beliefs into the world – our cultures, our ideas, our personal stories. We don’t want them to die so we try to make them live past us. This desire to make our ideas live dominantly in the world, specifically after us, damages that world.

The world cannot sustain people fighting each other to leave their mark. We cannot tell Europe that they are incorrect for what they do because maybe what we do here is incorrect. We cannot say that our neighbor is incorrect when we are not certain that we are correct. And because it is impossible to determine what is correct, arguing “correctness” is arguing semantics. That is to say, unimportant.

Solving this problem is incredibly easy; forget that you want to leave your mark.

Everything will fall into place where it needs to be but we focus so much energy on changing the world that we forget about ourselves. We forget that our neighbor is human. We forget that both of us are fallible. We forget discussion and immediately move to violence. Stop trying to change the world into what you think it should be. The world shouldn’t be anything – the world just is what it is.

To summarize, the world needs people who live their lives out of understanding. That understand that “each person is a lamp unto themselves”. That understands when someone acts differently that you, it isn’t necessarily incorrect, it’s just different. A world that understands that trying to leave your impressions (morals, personal stories, religions) is like writing in the sand. One day the waves will wash it all away and all that you’re left with is the sand.



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