(Famous) People Who Have Shaped My 2013

As the year draws to a quick end and we all spend time looking back at 2013, I want to share all of the greatest figures in my life that I’ve found or followed through the year. These people, most of which I have not met in person, have shaped my life in ways I never would have thought possible without them. We’ve been through fun times, rough times, and everything in between. Thank you so much for what you do and may you all have a wonderful 2014!

Randy Phillips

Randy Phillips

You may all remember Randy from when he came out to his father on YouTube following the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell“. As a poster child of the gay population serving in the troops, he was an inspiration to many people. Following his sudden fame he started making videos to show that he was “Just an average GI, who happens to be gay”. This included tutorials on exercising, changing oil in his car, and just his average life.

To me Randy Phillips was an incredible source of inspiration. He posted about his travels and being stationed in Ramstein AFB in Germany. My family has been an Air Force Reserve family and his videos led me to joining Active Duty instead.

Something about his adventures and being stationed somewhere excited me. After seeing his video in 2011 I ended up traveling to Ramstein AFB the following year. It was an incredible experience.

In 2014 I got all of my stuff ready to join the Air Force and in May I enlisted into Active Duty Air Force. I do not think this would have happened had I not run into Randy’s videos. Perhaps it’s still too soon to tell but after six months of being in, I can say that Randy has helped me make a decision that has made my life more adventurous. Who knows where it will lead?

A couple years ago he also made news videos called “Quicky News”. Short bursts of the most important news every couple of days. Although they’ve been discontinued you can still view his videos here (and Quicky News here).

Corrina Rachel

Corrina is known for her work on PsycheTruth‘s YouTube Channel, where she tells you anything and everything about nutrition, health, and occasionally sings on her own channel. In the past year I’ve watched countless videos with her explanations of how food affects us and how we can change our diet. Things like learning about glucose versus fructose is incredible knowledge but scarcely taught in any public school. Why is a lecture that took 15 minutes to explain by Corrina not more widespread or taught in schools?Well, she’s got videos talking about the possibilities of that as well.

The reason she’s on this list is because not only can she convey the information well but she’s enjoyable to listen to. She offers down to Earth explanations as well as useful and uncommon knowledge. Who knew that a chemical used in Wendy’s french fries was also used in breast implants and spaceship re-entry tiles? Or that Mountain Dew contains a flame retardant?

I highly recommend her videos with PsycheTruth as well as her own personal channel. There’s so much to learn, thank god there is a place that can give the information out freely and in such an amazing way! Oh and did I mention she sings? You really should go check her out!

Agnes Cecile

Silvia Pelissero, also known as Agnes Cecile, definitely would win the award of “Most viewed Artist of 2013” from me. Her work is a constant inspiration and I find myself going back to her work for more inspiration. She’s inspired me so much that I’ve ever bought watercolors and worked on my own art. Although it never reaches her complexity and is like comparing the Mona Lisa to a stick figure, it’s still inspiration!

Agnes’ ability to capture human emotion and display it so openly on paper is breathtaking. “the pain of a cluster headache” perfectly captures what a migraine feels like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone capture human emotion as well as she has.

As a photographer/blogger her work has motivated me to start new projects and get out there! I’m constantly seeing new work uploaded onto Facebook and it gets me excited about my own projects as well! I’ll post links to some of my favorite works below;

learn to appear
two different lights

You can see more of her work on her DeviantART page!

Davey Wavey

A blogger from the start, Davey Wavey hit fame around six years ago when he vlogged about his masturbating neighbor in the flat below him. That was about the time I ran into his videos. Since then he’s posted about everything from making the world a better place to what lesbians think about penises.

Davey’s blog Break The Illusion started off around the blog boom of 2005 and focused on his move to Washington D.C.. Many of his posts were philosophical and Buddhist in nature. I derive a lot of inspiration from his older posts when he was just beginning to blog. There was something real and genuine in his posts and I’m glad that he’s left them up.

Over the years I’ve watched through his videos and learned to accept myself as whomever I am. Most of his videos nowadays focus on gay topics but they’re still hilarious nonetheless. 2013 would feel less complete without his travel posts and his sense of humor! If you like gay humor, check out Davey Wavey on his YouTube Channel or on his Fitness Channel!


I ran into Russel at the beginning of this year when he posted a video with his boyfriend (and later finance). He’s incredibly genuine and a beautiful person. All of his videos make me smile! Russel’s focus on YouTube right now is to answer questions to the gay community about what it’s like to be gay. He’s down-to-Earth, wise, and a great person.

He’s been posting less videos lately but you can still watch all of his old videos on his channel!

Russel has influenced me this year by being kind. It sounds silly and simple but sometimes that’s just how things are. He’s always smiling and has a good way of explaining things. Russel’s collaborated with other amazing YouTubers and I can’t wait to see what he posts in the future.

Check out his channel if you want to see more!

Brooke Shaden

Chances are that you’ve already run across some of Brooke’s amazing fine art. She’s featured practically everywhere and it’s a wonder that more people don’t know her. Brooke is a photographer based in L.A. California that takes some of the most amazing whimsical images I have ever seen. Some will be half underwater, most are taken at dusk, and they always tell a story.

Brooke’s images intrigue the viewer into thinking about how the subject got to where they are now. They’ll be in an abandoned church with papers raining down from the ceiling or, in my favorite, a woman dangling down like a spider upon a man. Although many people’s artword is indescribable, I cannot recommend Brooke’s work enough. Her work really deserves the views and I urge you to look through her Flickr stream.

Beyond having the amazing ability to capture a full story in a single frame, Brooke is also an incredible human being. If you ever meet her or talk to her online, you’ll realize that she is really nice. It sounds lame but she really is really kind! She’s short but for what height she lacks she makes up in kindness.

On her blog she writes about how to become an independent fine artist. Everything from how to talk to a gallery to how to find inspiration. She’s been on creativeLIVE and been a part of [Framed] many times. Her interviews explain so much about her process and how you can learn from her. She just radiates passion and teaches so well.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to attend her Seattle workshop and meet her in person. She’s amazing and if you ever have the opportunity to see her work live or to see any of her artwork in person – take the opportunity! It’s well worth it! She’s inspired me endlessly and for that I am forever grateful.

Look at her work on her Flickr Stream if you haven’t already clicked on it!


2013 has been an incredible year. We’ve experienced so much in this past year and here I shared with you some of the people who have influenced my life. They’re all incredible and I hope you took time to look at each one’s work.

In the comments below, tell me who inspired you in 2013! Who did you look up to and why did you choose them?

Before the year ends I’m also going to be writing about New Years resolutions! Be sure to look for that post soon! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I hope you have a wonderful time with your families and enjoy your time off!


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