One of those days

Life can be so interesting sometimes. Today I was walking back to my dormitory late at night and I was suddenly reminded of the rush I had walking through German a little over a year ago. It was beautiful but it was tragic at the same time because the memory was fleeting.

It was frustrating because I spend so much of my time trying to live in the moment and be present. But sometimes these moments flash right before me and I can’t help but “relive” through them. I feel as though remembering them does nothing but bring a comparison between my current situation and the (usually) more positive memories. It’s as though sometimes my life breaks in front of me and I’m suddenly filled with sorrow of where I am now.

The frustrating thing is that I’m trying to let the memories go. I don’t want to think about the past, I just want to be present. But I don’t want to let go of my past. There is much resistance in myself. Some days I feel I have a long way to go until enlightenment and today is just one of those days.



3 thoughts on “One of those days

      1. well, my friend
        it’s a practice exercise where the benefit is experienced
        with the burden of analyzing it.
        document what you find useful
        may it be thoughts, feelings
        need to do.
        perhaps record fleeting ideas
        on a voice recorder
        journal the bullets
        then get on with the business
        of enjoying life
        moment after moment 🙂

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