Quiescent Magazine

Quiescent Magazine

Quiescent is a refreshing quarterly e-magazine that interviews up-and-coming artists from around the globe. Already there’s artists from Germany, New York, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam, and England contributing – to name just a few. With themes from Passion to Light, the magazine encompasses many concepts and excellently portrays them through its editorials. Its Editor-In-Chief Sarah Nieman released the first issue Fall 2012, and since has released another two inspiring installments. With nearly 20,000 impressions on Issuu alone, the magazine is becoming well known among the photography community. However, Quiescent is not limited to just photography, it also features poems, writings, drawings, mixed media, and graphic designs.

Looking back at its sister magazine’s legacy, Racing Minds interviewed some of the biggest up-and-coming artists including Alex Stoddard, Agnes-Cecile, Zack Ahern, and Anna Szczekutowicz. Its motto was “An artist’s magazine, showing off well known people and not well known people, but amazing people nonetheless“. Living up to it, the magazine really gave exposure to artists that hadn’t received it yet. This further interconnected the photo community by introducing skilled unknown artists to other artists.

Another wonderful feature found in both magazines is the ability to submit your own work to the magazine. Back when I was still called Emergency Photography, I submitted some of my work to Racing Minds and had it featured. Today, if you’d like to submit some of your art (anything; photography, paintings, poems, sculpture, et cetera) all you have to do is email info@quiescentmag.com. Before you submit though, be sure to check out their page for more information on submission guidelines: http://www.quiescentmag.com/contribute.html

Although pieces of Racing Minds, such as the spotlights section, haven’t passed on to Quiescent, the magazine has become incredibly sharp and clean. The editorials in the latest edition look as if they came straight out of a fashion catalog and the typography is truly fantastic. “Daylight Darkness” (an editorial from the Spring 2013 issue) has a particularly beautiful quality to it, with excellent styling and make-up done by Hara Vitalioti and Angelopoulou Chrisoula. My favorite parts were the photographs and interviews with Andrea Pieipe and Kaitlyn Ferris. The strength of Quiescent definitely lies in it’s easy-to-read layout, in-depth interviews, and sheer abundance of high-quality editorials.

In a time where art is dying, these magazines offer solace and ring hope for the future of the art; they connect people and introduce artists to each other while also giving inspiration to those artists who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. As the year continues I can only hope to see many more issues of this magazine and I encourage you, reader, to check them out:
-You can see the latest edition of Quiescent here. (Spring 2013)
-Check out Quiscent’s page right here.
-All the issues of Racing Minds are still available to be read at its page.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Saturday evening and, as always, I’ll talk to you guys soon!
Eric Albee


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