Photography 365 Project (Week 9)



So today I’ve been thinking a lot about things a lot. I don’t believe in fate anymore. I decided to switch schools when I went into high school and I guess in a way it was me rebelling against how my life seemed to be flowing. Anyways long story short at my school I went only knowing roughly three people and I would be a completely different person if I had not met some of the people I have. I don’t believe I was destine to change schools or destine to do anything, it’s at my own will and I believe we sculpt our own futures. We can’t blame it on lack or lack of opportunities, we make our own luck and find the opportunities we want. It’s all into what you’re willing to put into it. So from now on I’m taking more rein on my photos and I’ll be taking better quality photos but it’s still my choice what photos I show and which I don’t. I’ll post every one of my photos here on flickr but some of them I’m posting strictly for me. I know this probably doesn’t mean much to anyone who is reading this but I thought i would tell all of you anyways. If my days skip a day then that’s me not showing the world, if I miss a day I will post a note on why that day is missing. I love you all and thanks for your contribution to my photostream.


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So onto today. Today my friend Bobbi came over and we cooked and went to our city’s festival. (: It was amazing and I just happened to catch a photo with the sunset. I like how my point and shoot catches flares. (: And hour it doesn’t like completely burn out or anything. Internal memory is a life saver, I found a ton of my photos I took in Washington DC and was looking through a few. I may or may not post any. (:



So today was my birfday. (: Just saying. Jagoba and I took a helicopter ride because we thought it’d be fun and you probably couldn’t find a helicopter ride very easily so we went and I thought the whole ride was amazing. (: We went over my house and over the whole city, fortunately my house is not in here. πŸ˜€

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I have a weird room, well two actually, and this one just happens to be able to fit me in it so I decided to take photos in there today. (:



Oh, what to say? What to say…? Well I feel fantastic because Anna is back here! πŸ˜€ I know I’m super lame for being so enthusiastic over it but she was like my fourth contact, she was and still is one of my biggest inspirations. I wanted to try a softer focus. This may be over doing it a little but regardless I still like it. Maybe I’ll get up and go outside and do some soft focus shots. I dunno yet. (: Happy Thirteenth of July everyone. (:



Like a pounding sea,

Like a messy crime,

When your eyes first met with mine,


This is a perspective from my bed. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it but it works none-the-less. WARNING: THIS ONLY LOOKS GOOD LARGE.


Incomplete Lullaby by Lisa Mitchell.





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