Photography 365 Project (Week 8)



Wow! Day fifty already? That’s ridiculous! I only have three hundred and fifteen days left!

+2 in comments! (I’ve went out and take photos three times today!)

I know I’ve been late to posting and haven’t really written much for you guys but I’ve been really really busy. Jagoba, my exchange student if I haven’t told ya, and I have been running all over the place doing things so I haven’t really had time to be creative lately. I’m going to start trying harder to find time to take more creative in my photos. I hope you all are having a great summer and thanks for going ahead and reading all of this. (:

P.S. If you haven’t seen any of my stuff jump a page back and view my stuff. Like I said I haven’t really had time for anything lately. :

Like always:

If you like it comment it, if you like something specific about it then tag what you like, if you like, if you love it favorite it, and finally if you want to see more of my photos in the future don’t hesitate to add me as a contact. 😀



I’m bound,

by the of burn of your eyes,

looking on as I’m starting to realize,

I’m a pawn in your game and this is checkmate,

as the roses lift their heads to catch a glimpse of my demise,

you’ll be throwing lies around like ocean waves throw down the tides,

and they are breaking on my shore,

and the rescue team won’t save me now I’m out too far,

so I’ll waste these nights for a while,

but I’ll be holding onto you forever,

and this is where my heart is cold and torn,

as I read the words you wrote last night,

the butterflies are creeping through my spine,

it’s a thrill I can’t shake,

yeah I know we’ve been writing a mistake,

but it’s hard to erase the feelings I’ve drawn,

I was caught in an awkward silence,

broken down by the sound of your prelude that you played,

to open our symphony,

I’ve been sleeping with the sunrise watching hours pass away,

incidentally I’m just waiting for the dusk to kill the day,

but now I’m waiting for your call,

while I bang on this piano like you care at all.

I think I’m back to uploading daily. (:



Happy fourth everyone!

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Becca is an awesome friiiiend. (: Today was a long day. Quick photo to end the day.

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My brother!






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