Photography 365 Project (Week 6)



Huge water balloon fight on the Trinity Campus and yes, I risked my camera by running through the ballooners. (: SOOC.



So basically Whirlyball here is Lacross mixed with bumper cars mixed with basket ball. You have eight minutes and you try to score by throwing a whiffle ball into the hoop in the far top right. You get one point for hitting the hoop and two for making it hit the middle. (: I did terribly at this though but it’s TONS of fun! SOOC. Sorry for the random tv reflection in the top right, I had to take the photos through glass.



This is my cat Dufis. She goes under my blankets and sleeps on my ankles when I go to bed. (: Hhaha. Much love to her. 😀

Not much for father’s day really other than going to the cabin and coming back to sit around. :



Long day so far, this photos looks 100000000 times better here. (:

Getting back into my photography again! Sorry for the short posts!






Went out and took photos a few times today. : They were okay but I hope to take some better ones tomorrow. (: Goldenhour! Can’t believe I’m already a month, a week and three days in. (: Got a great feeling about this! I love the colors on my back. Just sayin’.



To catch everyone up since I tend to take a few days to catch everyone up:

I’m currently hosting another exchange student. He’s on the far right and his name is Jagoba, which is Jacob in english.

We went to an air show.

My friend Signe [from Denmark] just went home today.

Yeah. Haha.

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