Photography 365 Project (Week 2)



Don’t ya just love glowsticks?



So today I decided that I’m going to bump up from just doing a ninety day project to doing a 365 because I really really want to do one. It’s just they’re so damn difficult to do! I know I’m only at nine but I know I’ll get there. Plus it would be ending right at the end of my Junior year! ๐Ÿ˜€ Next year I’m going to an art program and hopefully it’ll help me get out and take photos a lot more!
Please view it on large!



Wow, I’m a thirty-sixth the way complete. ๐Ÿ˜€ I really am excited to see what I’m gonna do for the rest! Tell me what you think!

Haha thanks all.



Hmmmm, this is my first ever vertical shot I’ve ever posted on here. Wow! Let me tell you it takes a ton of self-confidence to go in front of 30-40 people at a beach who are your age and go take photos of yourself. lmfao. I looked liked the self-absorbed kid whom was obsessed with himself! Today was nice, a little hot but I’m just fine with that- I think we set the temperature record today, it was like 92 degrees! Photo inspired by Anna!



So I’ll try to keep this on the shorter side of a description:

So two days ago I was mid-photoshopping this photo and my computer decided to hold down the space bar so I unplugged it and for some reason it still held down the space key [keep in mind that in Photoshop you can do anything while holding down keys]. So I shut off my computer and restarted it. Well it turned fully black and the computer would load or anything. Well long story short the computer pretty much broke so now I’m photoshopping on my computer with a touchpad, which let me tell you is hella difficult! I’m off to a plant sale right now. Add yesterdays photo then and taking todays photo in a bit.



Yeah I know I know.

I’m working on getting my photos up. (:

Yesterday was a fantastic, thee Becc-ster and I made some great pasta sauce and kudos go to Becca for standing there for like half an hour constantly stirring it. ๐Ÿ˜€



So, a few things here:

This photo is how I feel right now, even though summer is coming up I feel like I’m lacking the inspiration that I should have. i just kinda feel like I should be out more but none of my friends really live by me and I don’t have much to do.

2nd, this was originally going to be done like Amy Lee in Call Me When You’re Sober with the cape draping back but eh, i was lazy today.

3rd, this is where I stopped on my last three six five, so I feel a drive to continue to pass my previous record. I feel like I’m going to succeed this time because I’m more driven and I almost always am thinking about what I’m going to do for my photos. It’s kinda weird actually, I never actually do what I’m thinking, more of a random idea that pops up last minute.

ย Well finally I’m done dealing with catching up! I’m off! :D:D:D:D



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