Photography 365 Project (Week 18)






the dust hasn’t settled.

& the grains are tearing me apart.

Day One Twenty One.

Marta Bevacqua is a major inspiration and actually my first contact on flickr EVER. Check her out.



What’s left of the books?

Day One Twenty Two.

Anyone notice the lowering population of book readers? It makes me sad.

On a brighter side my two inspirations are Carolyn (Inside Every Heartbeat) and Marta Bevacqua (Moth Art.). Check them out for me, they’re both amazing.

Tumblr/ Formspring/ Facebook Fanpage/ Favorites Tumblr.

If you like it comment it, if you like something specific about it then tag what you like, if you love it favorite it, and finally if you want to see more of my photos in the future don’t hesitate to add me as a contact. 😀

P.S. I found myself in this wonderful online magazing called Racing Minds with two interviews of some of my favorite artists on flickr. Check it out sometime! I however do with that Sarah would have messaged me so that I would have know I was in the magazine but it’s all okay. (:



Yeah, Halo Reach came out, and I’m a nerd. I didn’t really see the sunlight today. (:






I’m not totally sure which of these two photos I like more but I definitely love this photo a lot. (: This is my great friend Michell, she trekked with me through tons of nettles (‘spicy plants’) and she was an amazing sport. I am for sure going to go out and take more photos with her. I’ve actually got plenty more I just want to get some sleep and I’ll edit them with Michelle in my Art Tech class. 😀





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