Photography 365 Project (Week 1)



Looks Better Larger! I think since I’m not up for the commitment of 365 I’m gonna do a summer project just like Anna Szczekutowicz and only do a 90 day project. (: Maybe I’ll continue it into a 365 but I’m not sure yet. (: It’ll end August 14th.



I’ve spent way too much time on this photo. Maybe I’ll replace it later but yes, I do know it sucks!



Okay, so today was a really long day. I went to bed at one this morning and got up at nine, then headed off to the farmers market [which I love] and bought some things then took the rest of my photos for photography class. Then I came home and went up to the cabin to work on it. The above photograph explains that it needs work. Ugh I’m exhusted. Night all.
Lookey Here!



Sorry, I know the pictures are backwards but that’s how I accidental posted them. I was busy all day so this is my photo of the day. We had a bonfire and when we burned one of the dead rose bushes we found these glowing larva. It was really cool. Their eyes like glowed neon! Haha.



Busy, busy, bussssy day!
Today we ran all of the place, like we got mulch for the yard, went downtown to get shoes for my Dad, then we went to Lake of the Isles and went for a long walk. This is my sister by the way, in one of the few sane photos I have of her. (:




Another boring day. Went down to the field and ran through tons of scratchy plants. Got tons of scratches and am breaking out. :/ Eh. I like the shot but I think I’ll edit it better later. 😛 Looks better on black!



This is my friend Becca, you should be seeing her a lot in here just because she’s fantastic! 😀 Expect to see her all the time.

Hey, you shouldn’t even critique this without looking here!

Next Week


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